Slow Grazer 

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 Pricing and Availability

Because the Slow Grazer is built extremely heavy and solid (no flimsy plastic!) shipping costs are very high. For this reason we are primarily selling the Slow Grazer in the Pacific Northwest. Large orders (10 feeders or more) can be delivered upon request, please contact us for details.

Listed below are the different sizes and styles of completed feeders we have available for purchase. We also offer a Do It Yourself Kit for those of you who are outside our area or who want to build your own. Details can be found on the DIY Kit page.


2x4 hay feeder with lid
2x4 Slow Grazer with lid - serves 1-2 horses
Dimensions: 24 x 44 x 28
Weight: 115 lbs.
Can hold up to 100 pounds of hay
Price: $200

slow feeder without lid 4x4
4'x4' Slow Grazer without lid - Serves 2 - 4 horses
Dimensions: 44x 44 x 26
Weight: 150 lbs.
Can offer up to 80 pounds of hay per feeding
Our 4x4 model is literally untippable! This size is ideal for use in pastures or sacrifice areas.
Price: $205

4x4 Slow Grazer with lid - serves 2-4 horses
Dimensions: 44 x 44 x 28
Weight: 175 lbs.
Can hold up to 200 pounds of hay
Price: $275

*pic coming soon*
2x2 Slow Grazer with lid
Dimensions: 2'4" x 2'4" x 28" tall
Weight: 50 pounds
Price: $155

Paint/Stain application
We can apply your choice of paint or stain, please call for details and pricing.

~ delivery available throughout the West ~

For more information about the SLOW GRAZER,
email us at or reach us by phone at (360) 480-5164


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